Appealing to the Insurance Court

If you are dissatisfied with the decision of the Pension Appeal Board, you may seek to have it changed by appealing to the Insurance Court in writing within a period of thirty (30) days.

Please deliver your appeal to your pension provider, in order for them to have the opportunity to rectify the decision in accordance with your requirements.

Contents of the appeal

The appeal must be made in writing. In the petition, please state:

  • that it is intended as petition of appeal to the Insurance Court
  • the decision which you seek to have changed
  • which sections of the decision you seek to have changed, and what changes you require to be made to the decision
  • the basis for your argument to change the decision
  • your name, social security number and address
  • if your petition of appeal concerns survivors’ pension, please provide the name and social security number of the deceased.

Please attach also the decision of the Pension Appeal Board or a copy thereof, as well as the evidence that you refer to. You may also submit further evidence at a later stage. You, or the person drafting the appeal, is to sign it by hand. If you do not sign it yourself, a power of attorney signed by you is to be attached. If another party has drafted the appeal on your behalf, this party is to provide his or her name, profession and address.

Appeal period

The appeal must have arrived at the recipient no later than by end-of-business on the thirtieth (30th) day from the date on which you were notified of the decision.  You are considered to have been notified of the decision by the seventh (7th) day from which the decision was mailed from the Pension Appeal Board to the address you provided. In other cases, receipt of service is considered to have occurred when the decision, according to an annotation made in the decision itself, has been given directly to the parties, the counsel or a courier entrusted with retrieving the decision.

The appeal may be handed over in person or via courier, or, at your own risk, by mail or e-mail. The consignment must be received before the end of the aforementioned appointed time.

If the pension provider does not rectify the decision that is the focus of your appeal in accordance with your requirements, by issuing a new decision, it will forward the appeal to the Insurance Court for deliberation. In such case you will be notified.